IV International Independent Theater Meetings „OFF Sytuacje” in Poznan (Poland)

24-26 September 2021


Join our international independent theater festival!


3 days, over 15 performances and concerts plus workshops.

International Theater Meetings OFF Situations [pl. OFF Sytuacje] in Poznan is an international theater festival dedicated to the independent groups. During whole 3 days, artists from all over Poland and abroad will be performing.

Main goal of the festival is to present whole spectrum of the phenomenon in contemporary theater, with a special kind of new trends and theatrical techniques, as well as the most sensational act of the Polish alternative scene.
Our project’s aim is to develop skills of the artists participating in it, raise qualifications, inspire and to show the audience the richness and diversity of contemporary theater. The OFF Situations festival is an opportunity to learn invisible form of theater in a commercial artistic environment and it’s also an opportunity for independent theaters to exchange experience, establish cooperation and present themselves to a wider audience.


The OFF Situations festival has been annually taking place at the beginning of June. During the event students of PAPA – Poznan Academy of Performing Arts, will present diploma performances. In 2017, our initiative reached even further, towards the organization of International Theater Meetings.

The Academy of Performing Arts  organizing the IV OFF Situations wants to create a place for people interesting in culture and personal development in culture. It’s a great way to gain some stage expirience as looking at the further caarer in arts by inviting other theaters presenting uncommon or more widely known theater tehniques including mime, masks, puppet theater, physical theater, polyphonic singing, theater of improvisation, we want to interest the audience and Poznan’s scenes with alternative forms of arts.

In addition to the performances, the program also includes workshops on theatrical forms presented at the festival. It being for acting, dance, vocal, mask, pantomime and improvisation workshops. Both artists and viewers who will take part in the event can participate in the workshop.


  Friday, 07.06, Scena Robocza, Grunwaldzkastreet 22  

  12:00-16:00 happenings in the urban space

  17:00 Official opening of the festival

  17:30 „Want me, SOMEBODY!” – Personality Studio Theater Porywacze Ciał

  19:00 The Best of PAPA (evening course)

  21:00 „Linoleum” – Theater OdRuchu

  Saturday 08.06, Scena Robocza, Grunwaldzkastreet 22

  10:00-13:30 workshops

  15:00 „Marriage” Academic Theater Remont

  17:30 „Rome is in mourning” Pomeranian Temple Troupe

  19:00 The Best of PAPA (weekend course)

  21:00 „Dr. Till – Do not escape” Jannis Eggelsmann


  Sunday 09.06, Scena Robocza, Grunwaldzkastreet 22

  10:00-13:30 workshops

  15:00 „On the other side …” CODA Dance Theater and „Every day is another chance” Katarzyna Janek

  16:00 „Infiesto” PAPA Academy

  17:00 „Suicide” PAPA Academy

  19:00 „Eumenides” PAPA Academy

  20:00 „Punk stories” PAPA Academy


  Monday 10.06 PAPA Academy, Bernardyński Square 1/8

  13:00-16:00 workshops

  17:00 „Only one day” Theater TU

  19:00 „5475 Scratches” Freya Treutmann

  20:00 „Bear” Young Theater


  Tuesday 11.06 PAPA Academy, Bernardyński Square 1/8

  14:00-17:00 workshops

  18:00 „We lived in the dark, but there was light in us” Blanka Kęstowicz

  20:00 „Romanians” Dead Imagination Theater

  Wednesday 12.06 PAPA Academy, Bernardyński Square 1/8

  17:00 „Pomelo is in love… with frogs, rain and more!” Theater FRAKTAL

  19:00 „Sitting on a fence” Mr. MOE

  20:00 World Music Concert


  Thursday 13.06 PAPA Academy, Bernardyński Square 1/8

  14:00-17:00 workshops

  18:00 Acting Song Evening

  20:00 „Performance #disappointment” Theater Forth Stage


  Friday 14.06 PAPA Academy, Bernardyński Square 1/8

  14:00-17:00 workshops

  18:00 The Best of PAPA – ATA

  21:00 „Oriana. A piece” Theater Kombinat


  Saturday 15.06 PAPA Academy, Bernardyński Square 1/8

  12:00-16:00 workshops

  17:00 Improvisation Theater Evening

  19:00 „Wall” Damian Droszcz